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Arms Length Bodies: Alternative Models for Service Delivery

July 26 2010

Arms Length Bodies: Alternative Models for Service Delivery

Arms Length Bodies: Alternative Models for Service Delivery responds to the Government’s ambition to increase the efficiency, transparency and accountability of its public services. Chairs of public bodies will want to take a positive, proactive and imaginative approach to the challenge to reform and reduce costs. This report draws attention to the range of alternative models of organisation which Chairs should be taking in to account as part of this approach.

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Cabinet Office Checklist

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Cabinet Office have recently produced a checklist to help Arms Length Bodies and Departments to ensure that the most important aspects of managing transitions are considered. Inevitably, no one transition is identical to another one and depending on the type of transition you are involved in, there will be certain things within the checklist that don't apply to the specific circumstances of your transition.

So, rather than having to explore which parts are relevant to your circumstances, the Public Chairs' Forum has designed an application that will do this for you. By answering some simple questions about your transition, the application will produce a customised report and checklist, ensuring you focus on the right issues at the right time. We hope that the combination of the checklist and application will help to bring clarity, focus and practical solutions to an often complex process. Download your personalised report here.